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Outsiders Media

We are a team of expert digital marketers dedicated to growing brands in the outdoor space.

Our Story

Outsiders Media was founded by Maxx Powell who started his first professional videography business over 15 years ago. After building a massive audience online following his outdoor adventure content, Maxx became an early pioneer of monetizing and leveraging social media content to build online wealth and had the opportunity to partner with awesome companies like BfGoodrich, Polaris, Can Am, Honda and many more major corporations.

With unique insight into the marketing departments of these huge brands and a deep understanding of how to capture attention and build audiences online, Maxx was often hired as a consultant to help companies adopt the best practices for growing and monetizing content in the outdoor space.

Maxx developed proven systems to help launch brands into the new age of digital marketing. He built a team of experienced industry experts who each have a passion for the outdoors and most importantly a deep understanding of the lifestyle that our demographic enjoys.

Our team is here to support your business and your existing marketing department. It is our mission to optimize the results of your marketing efforts and to save you time and money. By partnering with Outsiders Media, your company will not only join an amazing network of Influencers, retailers, installers and more, but you are sure to see huge increases in revenue and will avoid costly mistakes along the way. 

Our Recent Projects

mammoth overland

Vashon Aircraft

overland truck store


ironman 4x4

xtrusion overland

marlin crawler

diamondback covers

locked off road

paid digital advertising + professional content creation

We use multi-tier ad funnels designed to capture interest, inform prospects of your offerings and direct them to your website or landing pages. Once a prospect lands on your page, we monitor their activity and re-target them with ads that are relevant to their activity on your website.

Over the years we have compiled a massive amount of detailed targeting data within the outdoor demographic and utilize this experience to ensure your ads are landing in front of the right audience every time.

You will be paired with your very own dedicated account manager who will optimize your ads weekly and meet with you on a monthly basis to keep you informed of the progress of your advertisements.

All Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, YouTube, or LinkedIn campaigns funnel leads to a CRM (GoHighLevel) where we setup automated text and email follow-up for your business. Your dedicated account manager will share best practices regarding sales from different lead sources, assist in tracking closed deals to measure ROI, and creating a formula to scale revenue with a high degree of predictability.

Need content for your ads? No problem! Our in house team of professional content creators has you covered!

Content Creation + Social media Management

To build your brand, grow an audience and sell your products or services our creative team must first capture and edit exciting content. We will create trending outdoor lifestyle content to share your message and stimulate interest in your business!

Our professional brand building content will make your business stand out from your competitors and give you the professional brand image your business deserves.

We even take it a step further by uploading the content we create directly to your social media feed for you across multiple platforms so you will always maintain a consistent stream of content flowing! Our social media marketing experts take your products out into the wild, document their real world experience and post content with relevant captions directly to your socials saving you time and money while making you look awesome!

Done for you digital marketing

custom Turn key marketing package for serious growth

We only offer this complete marketing service to a few select clients per year because this level of service requires such a high level of attention and time from our team.

This offering covers just about everything you need to successfully launch and scale a business online and we offer a number of exclusive services to our Turn Key clients that we do not offer to anyone else.

  • Expert digital ads service

  • Digital Ads content creation

  • Graphic Design

  • Professional Social Media Content Creation

  • Social Media Management

  • Influencer Negotiation & Management

  • 12 Month Marketing Strategy Blueprint

  • Email& SMS Automations

  • Access to our full Marketing Suite of Software

  • Unified inbox for all messaging

  • Access To Our Massive Network

check availability, not all businesses will qualify

straight forward Pricing

Digital ads


Per Month for 3 months

meta, Google or TikTok ads

highly targeted ad campaigns

multiple creative designs & copy

photo & Video Editing

email & Sms automations

access to our crm & unified inbox tools

live analytics & monthly meetings

content creation

Digital ads + Content Creation


Per Month for 6 months

our expert digital ads service

professional content creation

meta, google or tiktok ads

email & SMS automations

6 vertical Videos

2 horizontal Videos 2-4 minutes

20 edited Photos

10 Digital assets

access to our crm & unified inbox tools

Social Media management

Social Media content creation

Content Creation + Social Media Management


Per Month for 6 months

content creation for social media

expert social media management

captions written by true enthusiast

instagram, tiktik, facebook, youtube

user generated content sourcing

50 short form vertical videos

2 Long Format Videos

80 edited Photos

influencer marketing

digital ads

Full Service Digital Marketing bundle


Per Month for 12 months

professional content creation for ads & social media

our expert social media management service

access to our crm & unified inbox tools

custom 12 month Marketing blueprint

our expert digital ads service

email & sms automations

100 Short Format Videos

4 Long Format Videos

200 edited Photos

user generated content sourcing

influencer marketing support

looking for even more support from our marketing experts?

We offer a wide range of add-ons beyond our base packages to help sky rocket your business growth.

Frequently Asked Question

How much should i spend per month on ads?

Our minimum ad spend requirement is $500 per month. We recommend starting with an ad spend budget of $500-$1000 when first launching your ads. Over time as your ads become optimized we recommend scaling your ad spend in direct relation to the key performance indicators we are receiving and your ability to fulfil orders. Your dedicated account manager will optimize your ads on a weekly basis and will meet with you monthly to develop your ad spend strategy. Once we start seeing a profitable return on ad spend we can effetely scale your spend as high as you would like. On average our clients can expect a 6:1 return overall on ad spend with winning ads often converting as high as 30:1. Your account manager will keep you informed of your ads performance and will let you know the best time to throttle your ad sup or down depending on market conditions.

FAQ image

How does content creation work?

In most cases business owners opt to ship us their top performing products for us to capture content of. Our team will produce combination of product and lifestyle content in beautiful remote settings to make your business stand out from the competition!

If you are a location based service business we may visit your location to shoot content with you on site depending on where you are located. Additional expenses may occur for businesses outside of our service area but please reach out to our representatives to see if your business qualifies for an in-house visit from our team.

FAQ image

how does social media management work?

After our professional content creators produce content of your product or business we then connect to your social media accounts using a 3rd party integration that allows us to caption and post content on your behalf directly to your feeds. Our service provides you with 1 long format video for YouTube or Facebook every quarter, 2 short form videos for Instagram Reels & TikTok and 3 professionally edited photos every week! this consistent flow of content will help you build an audience and build a professional brand! Our team is comprised of true outdoor enthusiast, your captions are written based on real life experience using your products. We go the extra mile to ensure that you are well represented in every post and every caption.

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Meet Our Awesome Team










Outsiders Media is comprised of true outdoor enthusiasts who live the lifestyle we promote. We share your products through real world experiences that connect with your audience in an authentic way. Having a team that is so similar to your target audience means that every post, ad and caption hits the mark. The majority of our staff is comprised of full time in house employees and is bolstered by a large network of creators, influencers and marketing experts located within the USA. Unlike other agencies, we never outsource our work overseas. 


"Maxx and his team do an excellent job of content creation and editing. They work well with your vision, and turn that into marketing content that is usable and affects the bottom line."

Mammoth Overland

"We hired Outsiders Media to handle our social media, product showcase, content creation, Meta and Google ad spend. Maxx and his team have done a great job and increasing our online presence and sales for Xtrusion Overland by creating eye popping content, captivating ads and more!"

Xtrusion Overland

"Outsiders Media makes our lives easier. They always beat our deadlines, they align their efforts with our brand rather than the reverse, and communication never comes with a struggle. Thanks to their decades of content-creating experience and authentically adventurous lives, the content they deliver to us always hits the mark and gets better than expected results."

Diamondback Covers

"Maxx and his team do an outstanding job at turning your vision into a reality when it comes to social media and content creation. The content they produce has only exceeded my expectations"

unseen pass

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